Bert Huyghe sits alone in his garbage-riddled studio. In a world that is racing from one crisis to another what’s left to paint he asks himself? A room full of owls? Fruits and or vegetables? Something jungle? Okay, all of the aforementioned and more, much more. Cobwebs? Skulls? Mushrooms? Yes, yes, yes. Ice-cold fizzy drinks? Huge tragic dogs? Funky jazz piano’s? Allright, and so on and so forth. Maybe a tiny flower? A lonely shoe? Or fifteen rain drops? Sure, the painter will paint all of these things, and more, much more...

Shows 2023
17/02 - 11/03"Let's Fill This Town With Artists" with Jolijn Baeckelandt & Simon Laureyns @ AHWNN, Oostende
10/03 - 16/04"Vogels" groupshow @ Pizza Gallery, Antwerp
April"Transcendental Mediocrity" @ Social Harmony, Gent
Juni"Een Groep" groupshow @ De Ziener, Asse
6/10 - 15/10"Biennale" groupshow @ Kasteel van Poeke, Aalter

"Mantra" limited edition artists book to be released at Social Harmony in April
"Eight Vases" limited edition silkscreen available at Studio Serieus

For all contact, do not hesitate to email me in person.